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For traders & investors

Build models and backtest your strategies with the most comprehensive source of crypto data on the market. No data aggregation, no intermediaries.

For researches & journalists

Investigate network activity, discover market patterns, and analyze stakeholder behavior with our clean, reliable data streams for 100s of digital assets.


4.0+ TB of
on-chain data

  • Token Age Consumed
  • Exchange Inflow/Outflow
  • Token Circulation/Velocity
  • Daily Active Addresses
  • Network Growth
  • Top 100 transactions
  • Top Token Holders
  • Eth Mining Metrics


200+ GB
of text data

  • Data from forums and chats
  • Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and more
  • Data from private trader chats
  • Volume of social mentions
  • Social mentions for crypto projects
  • Comprehensive word clouds
  • Top Social Gainers
  • Sentiment score
  • # of project's Twitter followers

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1200+ projects

  • Price
  • Volume
  • Market Cap
  • Open, Close, High, Low
  • 227 exchange wallets

Developer activity

4.5 TB of processed data

  • Github data for 970+ projects
  • 1.7 BN Github events
  • New way of measuring Dev Activity
  • Hourly updates
  • Historical data starts from 2013
  • Backtesting strategies

    Prototype and evaluate the performance of different investment strategies using exclusive data. Develop signals and trading indicators directly in your 'spreadsheets'.

    BTC / USD7.26%

    Ethereum price tracking

    Track the activity of selected address based on the Ethereum

  • Monitor portfolio

    Evalute portfolio performance over time, manage risk exposure and keep track of all your active positions in one place. Add or remove assets with a single click.

    iconBitcoin BTC
    iconLow risk
    • Total$148k
    • Profit+43%
    • Income, 1mo$9 326
  • Analyze 100s of assets

    Review every coin from all possible angles before choosing to enter or exit a trade. Plot multiple tokens against each other by combining dozens of metrics.

    iconDev. activity
    eth logo


    Ethereum price was decreased by $ 70.51 in 24 hours

  • Asset Activity Matrix

    This template is a paradise for altcoin traders who enjoy swing trading between the hottest (or coldest) assets in crypto on a daily or weekly basis.

  • MVRV Opportunity & Danger Zone

    When average realized profits are high for an asset, there is increased risk. When realized profits are low, it it a historically more opportunistic time.

    Danger zone
    Opportunity zone
  • Mean Age & Mean Dollar Age

    This metric identifies accumulation and sell cycles for any network.

  • Top Holders Supply

    This template monitors how the biggest addresses in crypto are behaving to give you a key edge in seeing whether key stakeholders are preparing to pump.



    + 15%

    eth logo


    Ethereum % 30-Day Total Cumulative: 1.1862%

  • NVT Template

    This template calculates the NVT for BTC, ETH, and several ERC-20 coins, and assigns a bullish or bearish value to their historical and present-day performance.

  • Funding Rate

    Paying attention to how many traders are longing or shorting an asset provides a guide on how much greed or fear you can capitalize on.

  • Top Transactions

    This makes it easy to see which networks are seeing major whale movement.

  • Social Dominance Divergence

    Measuring each asset against its normal resting discussion rate average helps notify when any asset is suddenly getting increased attention.


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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I install Sansheets?

    1) In a new Google Sheet, go to Add-ons -> Get Add-Ons.

    2) After the Google Marketplace viewer opens in your Google Spreadsheet, look for Santiment in the search bar at the top right corner and install the Sansheets add-on.

    3) After it has been installed, go back to your Google Spreadsheet and enable the Sansheets tool by by going to Add-ons -> Sansheets -> Enable.

    4) When this is done, you are ready to start using the Free version of Sansheets. Just type =SAN in an empty cell and you'll see a list of available functions to help you fetch data!

    If you need more in-depth information on how you can install Sansheets, you can find it here.

  • How to add an API key for paid access?

    1) Pick a subscription from this page and go through the login and purchase process.

    2) Find your API key in the account settings.

    3) Setup Sansheets with your API as explained in this article.

  • How do I fetch metrics and pricing?

    Sansheets was built in a way that it makes it easy for anyone to gain access to our data without the need for coding skills. When opening creating a new Google Spreadsheet, you always need to Enable the add-on under the Add-Ons tab. After that, you simply have to write =SAN in an empty cell, and you get a list of metric suggestions, ranging from MVRV metric to Social Volume, with descriptions. If you want to explore our metrics and how you can fetch them in Sansheets, take a look at its dedicated page on our knowledge base.

What people
are saying

People often tend to forget how easy-to-use and powerful spreadsheets are, especially in combination with unique data and metrics. That’s why I was really thrilled to support Santiment’s development of Sansheets since it allows me to create custom-made financial models, ranging from a portfolio dashboard to backtesting frameworks. All powered by Santiment data and without the need of a single line of code.

Neal Swaelens

Product Manager

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